LWMGC – Allen Hyundai Cup Champions

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The annual Allen Hyundai Cup Championship, inaugurated in 2010 (originally called The Tayani Cup) is a season-long competition held from January thru December which gives Club members the opportunity to expand their playing experience outside of their regular weekly group and compete against other Club members within their own handicap flight. The Championship is determined by compiling the best 5 out of 9 Flight Competition* scores from pre-identified Weekly Wednesday Tournament rounds.  Points are awarded relative to how each player finishes in relation to the remainder of the field and the aggregate point total of those 5 best rounds determines the final standings. Tournament winners come from three handicapped flights:

Eagle Flight (Open) - Play is from the blue tees.
Birdie Flight - Flights A, B and C (Indices 23.9 and Below)  Play is from the white tees.
Bogey Flight - Flight D (Indices 24.0 to 36.4) Play is from the forward (green) tees.


Note: *Flight Competitions are Weekly Wednesday Tournament rounds where foursomes are assigned by the Tournament Chairman such that members with similar handicaps play in the same group.






2015  Eagle Flight - Ken Reinach
          Birdie Flight - Michael Jang
          Bogey Flight - W.Y. Park


2014  Eagle Flight - Dan Davis
          Birdie Flight - Glen Warkentine
          Bogey Flight - Larry Linker

2013  Birdie Flight - John Lee
          Bogey Flight - W.Y. Park

2012  Birdie Flight - Mo Ediger
          Bogey Flight - James Cembrano

2011  Birdie Flight - Joe Choi
          Bogey Flight - Len Auerbach


2010  Birdie Flight - Glenn Miller
          Bogey Flight - Larry Linker