1.  New or Renewal Membership 

New Membership Form 
(Print at Home)

LWMGC Membership                         
Joining, Renewing and Updating Records

Membership is open to all male residents aged 55 or older who own or lease and occupy a manor
in the gated community of Laguna Woods Village.  The two types of membership are Regular
and AssociateRegular includes membership in the Southern California Golf Association
(SCGA), inclusion in the WHS GHIN handicapping system, and full access to all club functions
and tournaments.  Associate membership provides access to social club functions such as the
President's Ball and quarterly membership meetings.

Applicants for new or renewal 12 month Regular membership may pay online by credit card
(click on link #1 on the left).  New Regular membership initial dues are $85 and include LWMGC
dues, membership in the Southern California Golf Association, and the opportunity to play
in Club organized competitions.  Renewal dues are $70 per year; $85 if paid after the expiration
date.  Some Club competitions require an entry fee.  

Membership payment
by cash or check is made by submitting a completed LWMGC Application
(link #2 on the left).  Print and complete the form, attach a check for $85 ($70/$12) payable
to LWMGC or cash in a
sealed envelope.  Deposit the form with payment attached in the locked
labeled mail slot beneath the posting
computer next to the Pro Shop in the Village Greens
building.  Paper applications are also available
next to the posting computer.
  (Suspended while
COVID-19 restrictions are applicable.)

memberships' new and renewal dues are $12 per year.  Use a printed application for new 
or renewal membership and make dues payment by check or cash only.

embers may update their address, email, or phone number/s by emailing:

                               Paul Santoro, 
                               Vice President LWMGC
                               Membership & Handicap Chairman 

* Use this email for updates only.  New or renewal members should use links 1. or 2.