LWMGC – President’s Award Honorees
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2019   Peter Kuhn Kim     
2018   Don Fleming

2017   Bill Blaine (posthumously)
16   Dave Schmidli

2015   Fred Yune
2014   Mike Walo
Dave Postier
2012   Roger Teel

2012   Tom Hall

2011   David Talcott
2010   Glenn Collins
2009   Ken Sutterlin

2009   Verne Smutz

2008   Roger Landis
2007   Tom Hall
2006   Chuck Berkowitz
2005   Frank Sande
2004   Brad Bradley

Jerry Gluck
2002   Charlie Hellman
2001   Hal Shulem

LWMGC President’s Award

In 2001, President Bob Snyder initiated the 
idea of a “President’s Award” as recognition for outstanding service to the Club by a member; presentation of the award is made at the President’s Ball.  The recipient is decided by
the President using whatever criteria he deems appropriate.  

To some Presidents it could be an award earned over a period of years by a hard-working Club member, or it might be more in the nature of a “Man of the Year” award. 
For the first annual award, Bob selected Hal Shulem.  Hal was one of those multi-talented individuals who was “willing to help” in any way possible.

The award continues annually and is viewed 
by the membership and the recipients as recognition for service to the Club at the 
highest level.