LWMGC Photo Gallery

July 20, 2016 Glen Warkentine Wins Club Championship !!!
Glen Warkentine played three solid rounds and held off a last ditch charge from players in his own foursome to win the 2016 LWMGC Club Championship. Congrat's Glen !!
July 20, 2016 Laguna Woods Celebrates Club Championship Winners
The LWMGC Club recognized all the winners of the 2016 Club Championship Tournament at the July General Membership Meeting. Fred Yune announced the following winners in their respective flights.
Left to Right: D Flight - Chang-Soo Kim, A Flight - Ron Allen, Championship Flight - Glen Warkentine, B Flight - John Lee and C Flight - Peter Kim. Congrat's to all for a great tournament !!!
June 20, 2016 - Richard Renna Wins President's Cup
Richard Renna won the 2016 Laguna Woods Men's Club President's Cup outlasting a tournament field of 64 finalists in four flights !! Congrat's Richard !!
June 20, 2016 - Flight Winners of President's Cup
The players pictured won their respective flights in the 2016 Laguna Woods Men's Golf Club President's Cup tournament.
3rd Place "A" Flight Champ. - Sam Murad
Holding Trophy – Club President Bill Blaine
4th Place "D" Flight Champ. - James Cembrano
2nd Place "C" Flight Champ. - Joseph Choi
April 8, 2016 - LWMGC Defeats IVC Men's Golfers
The Laguna Woods Men's Golf Club Team Play golfers defeated the Irvine Valley College Men's Golf Team by a score of 8 to 2. This is the fifth year of this competition where LWMGC golfers share a friendly afternoon of golf with the next generation of golfers and businessmen.
November 25, 2015 - Team USA Retains Village Cup
Team USA Captain Dan Davis (Right) accepts the Laguna Woods Village Cup from Head Professional Roger Teel (Center) and Team International Captain Fred Yune (Left). Team USA defeated Team International in the annual event 24 1/2 to 15 1/2 to retain the Cup for another year.
November 25, 2015 - Laguna Woods Village Cup Participants
Forty high caliber LWMGC Club members represented their respective teams in the annual Village Cup match. Team USA (made up of 20 players born in the USA) versus Team International (made up of 20 players born outside of the US). Team USA retained the Cup for the 2nd straight year by a score of 24 1/2 to 15 1/2.
October 22, 2015 - Mike Walo Wins 18th Annual Skills Challenge !!
The event was started by David Masters in 1998 and has continued uninterrupted since then. Each challenge requires a different type of shot – long iron, short iron, high, low, fairway, rough, sand shots and putts. Points are awarded from 10 (high) to 1 (low) for each event.
When all was said and done, Mike Walo edged out Bob Howe on the final putt to win this year’s combined championship. Congratulations to Mike Walo – Winner of the 18th Annual Laguna Woods Skills Challenge! Bob Howe finished 2nd, Dean Stafford 3rd, and Bill Brodt 4th. Other competitors were Dan Davis, Gerry Teitelman, Ken Reinach, Mike Thompson, Bob Off, and Charlie Huntsman.

Photo: Mike Walo (Center) accepts First Place Prize from Bill Blaine (Left - President of LWMGC) and Roger Teel (Right - Head Pro - PGA)
October 22, 2015 - 18th Annual Skills Challenge Competitors
The annual LWMGC Skills Challenge was held on Thursday 10/22/15 and all 10 participants made respectable showings.
Photo: From Left to Right - Charlie Huntsman, Bill Brodt, Mike Thompson, Bob Off, Dan Davis, Bob Howe, Ken Reinach, Gerry Teitelman, Mike Walo, Dean Stafford
(Front) Roger Teel (PGA)
The LWMGC would like to thank Roger Teel and Doug Stodgel for their organization and monitoring of the event and Steve Edwards for his assistance in scoring and acting as a forecaddie.
July 28, 2015 - Jim Harada Wins 2015 Club Championship
Jim Harada put on a golfing clinic over three rounds with a gross 54 hole score of 217 (four over par) and won the Championship Flight of the LWMGC Club Championship by a whopping 17 strokes over his closest competitor. The winners of the remaining Flights are as follows:
A Flight - Bob Myung
B Flight - Yang Park
C Flight - Michael Jang
D Flight - Terry Miles
Congrat's To All !!!
July 28, 2015 - Club Championship Winners
Here are the flight winners from the 2015 LWMGC Club Championship.
Congratulations to all !!!
July 28, 2015 - Bill Brodt Wins 2015 President's Cup
In a feat seldom if ever accomplished ... Bill Brodt ... representing the "A" Flight in the LWMGC ... won the grueling President's Cup Tournament over three worthy opponents representing our remaining flights. The Runners-up were:
2nd Place D Flight - Robert Shin
3rd Place B Flight - Bob Myung
4th Place C Flight - David Cho
Congrat's to all !!
July 28, 2015 - President's Cup Finalists
Here are the finalists from the 2015 LWMGC President's Cup.
Congratulations to all !!!
July 28, 2015 - Nate Hovland Celebrates His First Ever "Ace" !!
In over 50 years of golfing Nate Hovland has never scored a hole-in-one. During the Tuesday Skins Game on July 28, 2015 Nate remedied that situation and holed out his tee shot on the Par 3 Second Hole of Course No. 1.

Nice job Nate and Congrat's from all the members of the LWMGC !!!
June 17, 2015 - Paul Bock Scores an Ace !!!
Paul Bock scored the fourth ace of his golfing career (his second at Laguna Woods) during TPC play on Wednesday 6/17/2015. Helping Paul (Front & Center) celebrate are his playing partners/fellow competitors during the round. From L to R. Ken Reinach, Jeff Shetler, Dick McGrath
May 9, 2015 - Memorial Tournament A - Flight Winners
The 7th Annual LWMGC Memorial Tournament was held on Saturday 5/9/15. The event raised $16,500 for the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village and also provided some great golf.

A - Flight Winners from L. to R. Bob Off, Dan Davis, Dean “Scoop” Stafford and Richard Fox.
May 9, 2015 - Memorial Tournament B - Flight Winners
The 7th Annual LWMGC Memorial Tournament was held on Saturday 5/9/15. The event raised $16,500 for the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village and also provided some great golf.

B - Flight Winners from L. to R. Chris Berra, Bob Berra, Sam Murad and Bill Allison.
January 20, 2015 - 2014 Tayani Institute Cup Flight Champions
Bill Blaine - LWMGC President (3rd from left) Presents the Tayani Cup to the 2014 Flight Champions. (Left to Right) Dan Davis - Eagle Flight, Larry Linker - Bogey Flight and Glen Warkentine - Birdie Flight.
December 1, 2014 – LWMGC Defeats Navy For Five-Peat !!!
LWMGC Team Play Captain Mike Walo (2nd from right) accepts the Navy Match trophy from Navy Co-Captains Bob Hart (left) and George Gipe (2nd from left) as Bob Off (right) Competition Committee Member and Event Coordinator looks on. The combined two match point totals of 905 to 812 gave LWMGC their unprecedented fifth victory in as many events since the matches started in 2010.
Team Members were: Bill Allison, Ron Begley, Bill Bellatty, Bob Burns, Jack Campbell, Dan Davis, Don Durbin, Phil Enns, Jim Hallam, Rod Harrison, Bill Hogan, Terry Holloway, Tom Imler, Don Joynt, Myung Jung, Eugene Kim, Stephen Kim, Mike Layton, Donald Obal, Leo Pak, Robert Pierce, Ken Reinach, Lindy Ryers, Jerold Saltz, Manny Seo, Jeff Shetler, Allen Shirley, Tom Sirkel, Dean Stafford, C.J.Stoltman, Suh, John, Mike Thompson, Al Tirre, Mike Walo, Glen Warkentine.
November 26, 2014 – Team USA Recaptures The Village Cup Trophy From Team International !!
Dan Davis (Left), Captain of the victorious Team USA in this year’s “Village Cup” accepts the trophy from Team International Captain Fred Yune (Right) on behalf of his winning team as LWGC Pro Roger Teel – PGA (Center) looks on.

Team USA’s strong showing at this year’s Village Cup Competition avenged a stinging 2013 loss to Team International. The 27 hole competition mimics the Ryder Cup and President’s Cup formats with equal 9 hole portions of Alternate Shot (sometimes called foursomes), Best Ball (sometimes called four-ball) and Individual Match Play. The competitors all enjoyed the day of golf which also included lunch at the turn between Course #2 and Course #3 and an Open Bar at the conclusion of the match. Players are already looking forward to the 2015 matches which will likely be expanded to 30 players per team.

Team Members - Team U.S.
Bill Allison, Don Durbin, Richard Fox, Tom Hall, Rod Harrison, Bill Hogan, Tom Imler, Paul Loughrey, Dick McGrath, Wally Nelson, Don Obal, Bob Off, Dan Raidy, Jerold Saltz, Dean Stafford, Mike Thompson, Ron Vickers, Mike Walo, Glen Warkentine, Ron Whitley.

Team Members - Team International
Joe Bauson, Vincent Chang, David Cho, Hun Choo, Young Fong, John Jeong, Myung Jung, Stephen Kim, Dan Kubat, Tae Kwon, Tom Lee, Sam Murad, Yong Paik, Sung Pak, Alex Rhiew, Manny Seo, Jung Seung, Hank So, John Suh, Lito Tigalo.
November 26, 2014 – Team USA Regains Village Cup
1) Head Golf Pro Roger Teel (center) reads the tournament rules to members of Team International and Team USA as Captains Dan Davis (left) and Fred Yune (right) look on.
2) Team members anxiously await the start of the tournament.
3) 19 Restaurant & Lounge provided lunch and libations at the turn.
4) Team USA and Team International players relax after the tournament.
5) Fred Yune (right) and Roger Teel (center) present the Village Cup to Team USA Captain Dan Davis (left)
6) Fred Yune weeps after handing over the Village Cup to Dan Davis for the 2015 season.
7) The Village Cup trophy and Ryder Cup replica caps worn by each team for this year’s tournament.
8) Waiting for the trophy presentation.
9) Team International members planning their strategy for next year’s tournament.
July 23, 2014 - Myung Sup Jung Captures 2014 Men's Club Championship
Myung Sup Jung displays the Laguna Woods Men's Golf Club Championship Trophy after his victory in the 2014 event. The Championship Flight of this 54 hole competition is scratch play (no handicap) from the Blue Tees and is open to any eligible Club member. Myung joins a fine list of excellent golfers who have won this trophy in the past and he will represent our Club in various events during the upcoming year.
July 23, 2014 - Congratulations to 2014 Men's Club Champion
Roger Teel - PGA (left), Bill Blaine - President LWMGC (2nd from left) and Don Fleming - Major Tournament Chairman (far right) congratulate Myung Sup Jung on his victory in the Championship Flight of the 2014 LWMGC Club Championship.
Individual Flight Winners were:
- A Flight - John Lee
- B Flight - Ron Begley
- C Flight - Morton Beck
- D Flight - Rene Robillard.
June 25, 2014 - David Dai Cho is 2014 President's Cup Champion
The annual LWMGC President’s Cup is a grueling Two-Stage Major tournament which is contested through entire month of June. After an 18 hole first round Medal Play event, the field is narrowed to the top 16 players in each of the four (A, B, C and D) Flights. From there-on-in it is a single elimination Match Play tournament within each Flight until the four Flight winners ultimately battle it out for the top spot … President’s Cup Champion !! For players who do not gain one of the coveted “sweet 16” spots in each of the four flights after the first round, there are still TPC Wednesday Tournaments for non-qualifiers in the weeks following the first round. The competition for this title is stiff … as a matter of fact, in the entire forty-eight year history of the event there have only been two repeat winners. Archie Kneff and A.J. Stadjuhar !!

This year’s tournament kicked off on Wednesday June 4th with 136 entries and after a demanding four week schedule it all came down to the “Final Four” shoot out which began on Monday June 23rd. The four individual Flight Champions were: Don Fleming - A Flight, Chul Kim - B Flight, David Dai Cho - C Flight and Dr. T.S. Kim - D Flight.
June 25, 2014 - President's Cup Flight Winners
The final matches between these four Flight Winners concluded on Wednesday June 25th with the following results from Left to Right:

David Dai Cho – 2014 President’s Cup Champion, Don Fleming – 4th Place, Chul Kim – 2nd Place and Dr. T.S. Kim – 3rd Place.

Congratulations to all of the competitors, the Tournament Director and Scorers for making this event a success. For complete results see the 2014 President’s Cup results under the “Major Tournaments” dropdown at http://lwmgc.org/
May 23, 2014 - LWMGC Versus Irvine Valley College Annual Challenge Match
On Friday May 23, 2014 the Men’s Golf Team from Irvine Valley College (IVC) made a bit of history my defeating a team from the Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club (LWMGC) in this year’s abbreviated installment of our annual LWMGC Vs. IVC Challenge Match. This was IVC’s first victory in three matches over the past three seasons. With Coach Ben Burnett’s team short-handed due to the late date of the match and the timing of final exams … his seven IVC golfers made the best of the day by scoring a 4 to 3 victory in a match play format against our LWMGC team made up of six Club members and our Head Professional Roger Teel (PGA). (See photo)

The Club treated the IVC team members to a day of golf, lunch at the turn and at the end … the traditional symbolic trophy of victory in this event … a golf hat from the losing team’s Club signed by each member of the vanquished team.

IVC Coach Ben Burnett expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Course and the Club for this on-going tradition of good will between the Men’s Club and the College. He stated that the experience gained by his team members in events such as this, where they get to meet and socialize with older more experienced fellow competitors, is a critical step which be carried with them into the world of business where golf is frequently a way to get deals done. The importance of that connection cannot be overemphasized.

In 2015 we plan to play this match in mid to late January instead of at the end of May so the problems associated with fielding full teams from both squads due to the end of the semester, final exams and the Memorial Day holiday do not interfere with having a great match !!
May 10, 2014 - LWMGC Takes It "Over The Top" Once Again !!!
Bill Blaine, President of the Laguna Woods Men's Golf Club (far right) presents a check for $15,500 to Pat Wilkinson (far left) and Marion Levine (center) of the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village while Allen Shirley, Tournament Chairman (back left) and Don Fleming, Awards Banquet Emcee (back right) look on. The record donation resulted from the proceeds of the 6th Annual LWMGC Memorial Golf Tournament held on May 10, 2014.

The LWMGC's support of the Foundation continues a strong tradition of the golfing community giving back to members of the community who need a helping hand. The contributions from Memorial Tournament, and the continuous additional support provided by the Club during the rest of the year, represent the ongoing commitment of the Club to help our residents in need and to remember our members who have passed away.
April 1, 2014 - Dean "Scoop" Stafford Aces Again !!
It was no April Fools joke when Scoop Stafford scored the fourth Ace of his golfing career on April Fools Day 2014. Dean holed out from the tee on the 2nd hole of Course #1 during the weekly Skins Game. Word has it that he "paid the price" cheerfully at the Village Greens Lounge after the round. Congrat's Scoop !!!
2014 LWMGC SCGA Team Play
Front Row: Ron Begely, Lito Tiglao, Eugene Kim, Don Capelouto, Mike Layton, Dick McGrath, Sam Murad, Ronnie Whitley
Back Row: Myung Jung, Bill Allison, Bill Overman, Jeff Shetler (Captain), Allen Shirley, Bill Blaine (Assistant Captain), Rick Eckert, Mike Thompson, Bob Off
Absent: Stephen Kim
January 28, 2014 Club Championship Awards Presented
LWMGC president Bill Blaine presented Club Championship awards to some of the winners of their respective flights during our January General Membership Meeting.
January 28, 2014 President's Cup Awards Presented
LWMGC president Bill Blaine presented President's Cup awards to some of the winners of their respective flights during our January General Membership Meeting.
January 28, 2014 Tayani Institute Cup Awards Presented
LWMGC president Bill Blaine presented The Tayani Institute Cup award to the winners of their respective flights during our January General Membership Meeting. John Lee - Birdie Flight pictured, W.Y. Park - Bogey Flight was not available for the photo.
January 22, 2014 - Dean "Scoop" Stafford Scores An Ace In League Play !!
Dean "Scoop" Stafford scored the third ace of his golfing career (the second at Laguna Woods Golf Course) during the Wednesday TPC Flight Competition Tournament on January 22, 2014. Dean holed out an 8 iron on the always tricky 8th hole of Course No. 2. Dean's first hole-in one at Laguna Woods was on Hole 5 of Course No. 1.
Way to go Scoop !!!
January 13, 2014 - Annual President's Ball Awards
LWMGC President Bill Blaine presents competition and recognition awards during the 31st Annual President's Ball. The theme of the evening was "America The Beautiful" and included a tribute to our Club Members who served in the military during WWII. Don Goldberg served as emcee for the evening and presented the veterans, including a Pearl Harbor survivor, to a rousing round of applause in appreciation for their service and sacrifice.
December 11, 2013 – Jon Buchman and Sam Murad Capture Member – Member Title
Wednesday 12/11/13 was a beautiful day for golf and a successful day for the team of Jon Buchman and Sam Murad. Jon and Sam won the “A” Flight and fired the overall low net 36 hole score of 119 which bettered their next closest flight competitors by 3 strokes. “B” Flight winners were John Lee and Joe Choi with a score of 121 and “C” Flight winners were Dale Paisley and Marc Bayer with a score of 125. Complete results are posted on the web under the 2013 Major Tournaments drop-down menu.

As a result of winning the 2013 LWMGC Member-Member Tournament, Sam and Jon were entered in the SCGA Senior Four Ball Championship being held at Sand Piper Golf Club in Santa Barbara on Monday-Tuesday, October 27-28, 2014.

PHOTOS - Clockwise from upper left: Wally Nelson enjoys the chili served by 19 Restaurant. Roger Landis and Tom Hall provide scoring support. Players relax and share golf tales over chili and cornbread. Tournament Manager Don Fleming records scores for final round, Center: LWMGC Club President Bill Blaine (Left) and Tournament Manager Don Fleming (Right) congratulate Sam Murad and Jon Buchman, the winners of the 2013 Member – Member event.
November 27, 2013 – Captain Fred Yune Toasts His Team Members !!
Fred Yune, Captain of the victorious Team International in this year’s “Village Cup” hoists the trophy on behalf of his winning team.

Team Members - Team International
Joe Choi, Carlos Concepcion, Young Fong, Warren Han, Youngjin Hong, Myung Jung, Eugene Kim, Hak K Kim, Phillip Kim, Steven Kim, Dan Kubat, Tae Kwon, John Lee, Tom Lee, Dave Mackenzie, Sam Murad, Leo Pak, Ron Percy, Jung Seung, Lito Tigalo, Hideo Yeoshizawa, Fred Yune

Team Members - Team U.S.
Marc Bayer, Ron Begley, Ralph Belitz, Bill Bellatty, Bill Blaine, Jon Buchman, Dan Davis, Don Durbin, Rick Eckert, Don Fleming, Richard Fox, Robert Howe, Tom Imler, Larry Leach, Dick McGrath, Bob Off, Harrison Rod Jerry Ryman, Jeff Shetler, Dean Stafford, Mike Walo, Glen Warkentine
November 27, 2013 – Team International Scores Impressive Win in Village Cup !!
Team International scored an impressive 24 ½ to 15 ½ win in the 27 hole competition played this year on Wednesday 11/27/13. . Congrat’s to Team International on their first win !!

1) L to R Roger Teel – PGA Golf Operations Mgr., Jeff Shetler – Captain Team USA, Fred Yune – Captain Team International.
2) Team members receiving playing instructions on the 27 hole event from Roger Teel.
3) “Lunch at the Turn” prepared by 19 Restaurant & Lounge.
4) Fred Yune, Captain of the victorious Team International, accepts the “Village Cup” from Jeff Shetler, Captain of Team USA in the fifth installment of the Laguna Woods Village Cup tournament as Roger Teel looks on.

Complete results can be found under the “Team Play” drop-down menu on the Club website.
November 20, 2013 - George Gipe - Navy Co-Captain Gets Close Enough To Touch ... But That's All !!
Bill Blaine gives a sad looking George Gipe a little touch of what holding the winning trophy feels like for real. Congrat's to the LWMGC Team on a fantastic comeback victory on our home track to retain the annual Navy Match trophy for the fourth consecutive year !! It was a great match with a terrific meal by 19 Restaurant to cap off a perfect day. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the matches ... either in support of LWMGC or the Navy.
November 19, 2013 - Brad Lamoreaux Scores An Ace !!
Brad Lamoreaux scored a Hole-In-One on the Par 3 6th Hole of Course Number 3 on November 19, 2013 during the Tuesday Skins Game. Brad used a 7 Iron to score the third ace of his golfing career. Congrat's Brad !! Way to go ...
October 5, 2013 - Dan Davis Named Skins Group Man of The Year
Dan Davis was named the 2013 Man of The Year by the Skins Group at the Annual Skins Game and Dinner dance on Saturday October 5, 2013.
August 25, 2013 – Chuck Berkowitz Fires An Ace !
Past Club President (1999) and Past Club Champion (1995 & 1998) Chuck Berkowitz took a page out of the past on Sunday 8/25 and scored a hole-in-on on the 2nd hole of course #2. Chuck was playing with Mr. & Mrs. Bliss when he holed out his wedge shot for a “1.” Way to go Chuck !!
August 7, 2013 - Aces & Eights Lucky For Leo Pak
Leo Pak used a 7 iron to score an ACE on the 142 yard 8th hole of course #2 during the Team Skins Major Tournament on Wednesday 8/7/13. This was Leo’s 3rd hole-in-one on one of our 8th holes in the last 3 years. He had previously recorded an ace on the same hole in 2010 … and in a case of good luck but bad timing … Leo scored a hole-in-one on the 8th hole of course #1 one week after Fladeboe Chrysler was giving away a free car during our annual memorial tournament. Way to go Leo !!
July 24, 2013 - Jeff Shetler Captures Men's Club Championship !!
Jeff Shetler shot a 3 round total of 218 to capture the 2013 LWMGC Club Championship. Jeff, playing in the Championship Flight against 18 other competitors said after the match that this "was the toughest round of golf he had ever played."

Winners were:
Championship Flight - Jeff Shetler
A Flight - Bob Mattis
B Flight - Dennis Hamamoto
C Flight - Glenn Miller
D Flight - Hayden Bowles

Congrat's to all winners and competitors in this year's tournament !!
July 22, 2013 - LWMGC Scotch Cup Team Scores Unprecedented Five-Peat !!
A team of 18 LWMGC Golfers continued their ongoing dominance over the Costa Mesa Men’s Club in the 2013 playing of the annual Home & Away Scotch Cup Matches. The LWMGC team had to rally on our home course to squeeze out a 569 to 551 total victory. This marked the 5th consecutive victory over the LWMGC rivals. Way to go guys !!

Photo – L to R: Bill Cloud acknowledges the 5th consecutive LWMGC victory over Costa Mesa in the 2013 Scotch Cup matches. Bill Blaine, Team Captain holds the trophy and Tournament Director Dan Davis enjoys the moment.
July 8, 2013 - Hassell W. Berry Scores One For The Ages
Hassell W. Berry’s recent golfing accomplishment puts him in ultra-rare company. On 7/8/13 he scored a hole-in-one on the 1st Hole of Course No. 2. The reason this will be such a rare achievement is that on 10/1/13 this hole will once again become a Par 4 and the likelihood of anyone else scoring an ace here will be slim. During the past few months due to highway and course construction the hole has been playing as a temporary … but legitimate Par 3 at 120 yards and to testify to its difficulty, Hassell’s ace was the only one recorded during that time. Way to go Hassell !!
June 26, 2013 - Mike Holtzman Wins 2013 President's Cup !!
Mike Holtzman
2013 LWMGC President’s Cup Champion

This year’s tournament kicked off on Wednesday June 5th with 135 entries and after a demanding four week schedule it all came down to the “Final Four” shoot out which began on Monday June 24th. The four individual Flight Champions were:
• A Flight - Glen Warkentine
• B Flight - John Lee
• C Flight - Rency Biagan
• D Flight - Mike Holtzman

The final matches between these four Flight Winners concluded on Wednesday June 26th with the following results:
• 1st Place President’s Cup Champion - Mike Holtzman
• 2nd Place - Rency Biagan
• 3rd Place - John Lee
• 4th Place - Glen Warkentine

Congratulations to all of the competitors, the Tournament Director and Scorers for making this event a success.
May 28, 2013 - Sunshine Performance Club to Present Benefit Musical Variety Shows
Terri "Sunshine" Lutey (Far Right) spoke to the LWMGC membership about the upcoming musical variety shows scheduled for Saturday June 15th at 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm at Clubhouse #3. The shows, presented by the Sunshine Performance Club and sponsored by numerous local businesses, will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association and the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village. Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased at the C.H. #3 box office. All net proceeds and contributions by sponsors will be divided equally and donated to the two previously mentioned organizations. A wine party will follow each performance. Also supporting Sunshine in her comments were:
(Left to Right) - Brent Deines of the Alzheimer’s Association, Marion Levine and Eloit Brody of the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village.
May 11, 2013 - Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club Supports Foundation of Laguna Woods Village With a $12,000 Donation
The 2013 Memorial Tournament event raised $12,000 for the Foundation of Laguna Woods Village !! At the end of the evening the check was presented to Foundation representatives Marvin Walts, Pat Wilkinson and Eliot Brody by Tournament Directors George DeBlois & Don Fleming and LWMGC President Bill Blaine.
May 11, 2013 - Volunteers and Generosity !!
Some of those who helped make the Memorial Tournament a Success.
May 11, 2013 - Jerry Kobin Has "One of Those Days" !!!
During Saturday's Memorial Tournament Jerry Kobin had one of those days. On the 8th Hole of Course #1 … a 170 yard Par 3 … Jerry scored a hole-in-one and won a brand new Buick from Fladeboe Automotive Group. Major congratulations go out to Jerry !!
May 11, 2013 - A Great Day For Golf ... And For the Community
A fantastic time was had by all in attendance at the 5th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament. Special thanks go out to the American Legion Color Guard for their presentation of the flag and invocation delivered for the evening's events.
May 3, 2013 - LWMGC and IVC Play Annual Challenge Match
On Friday May 3, 2013 a team from LWMGC played a friendly challenge match against the Irvine Valley College Golf Team. This annual match is part of an ongoing tradition between Laguna Woods and local Community College golf teams to spread good will and keep in touch with the next generation of up and coming young golfers. Since the LWMGC team got to play using their course handicaps and the IVC boys had to play scratch … the outcome of the match was never really in doubt, but more important than who won and who lost was the opportunity to spend a relaxing and pleasant afternoon with a fine group of young men & ladies.
April 23, 2013 - Bill Blaine Presents Marion Levine, President of The Foundation of Laguna Woods Village, with a Donation Check.
During their April monthly General Membership meeting, the Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club presented Marion Levine, President of The Foundation of Laguna Woods Village, with its quarterly donation check. The Foundation provides help with medical, doctor, hospital, cost of living and food aid to Village residents who are in need.
March 22, 2013 - Mike Amemiya Scores An "ACE" !!
Mike Amemiya scored the second ACE of his golfing career on 3/22/13 by holing out his tee shot on the Par 3 161 Yard 2nd hole on Course No. 1. Mike was playing with his usual foursome on a Friday in open play and used his 3 hybrid to accomplish the feat. Mike’s previous hole-in-one was scored in 1996 in Nashville, TN. Congrat’s to Mike !!
February 26, 2013 - Dr. RaminTayani - Tayani Institute Addresses Men's Club
Dr. Ramin Tayani is a graduate of Harvard, Yale, UCLA and UCI and is a practicing Ophthalmologist, fellowship trained orbital-facial plastic surgeon, specializing is ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery of the eyes and upper face. On Tuesday 2/26/13 he addressed the LWMGC at their General Meeting. His presentation primarily addressed "Golf And The Eyes" but also covered cataracts and astigmatisms. Dr. Tayani is the man who provides great financial support to our Club through advertizing in our Membership manual as well as providing the trophy for our annual year-long Tayani Cup Tournament.
2013 LWMGC SCGA Team Play
Front Row – Jeff Shetler (Assistant Captain), Jerold Saltz, Ron Whitley, Dan Davis, Mike Layton, Sam Murad, Rick Eckert, Allen Shirley, Michael Yoon
Middle Row – Bill Blaine (Team Captain), Paul Bock, John Lee, Bob Off, Dean Stafford
Back Row – Tom Hall, George DeBlois, Phil Enns, Dave Mackenzie, Mike Thompson, Morris Gerbin
January 23, 2013 - Stan Schleider Scores An "ACE" !!
Stan Schleider scored the fourth ace of his golfing career on 1/23/13 by holing out his tee shot on the Par 3 180 Yard 2nd hole on Course No. 2. Stan used his Driver to accomplish the feat. He said that he was “feeling the ill effects of a pinched nerve and almost called it a day at the turn but decided to play on.” Good thing too. He won the carry-over prize from 2012 pool and is also eligible for the new Hole-In-One Club prize for 2013.
January 14, 2013 - A Night of Wine & Roses
The theme of the 30th Annual President’s Ball was “A Night of Wine & Roses.” The attendees were treated to a wonderful dinner catered by Jolanda’s with entertainment provided by The Fabulous Silver Foxes band – Don Goldberg Conducting. Special Guests were Mr. & Mrs. Roger Teel and Ms Carol Cooley. Past Presidents included David Talcott (2008); Roger Landis (2006); Paul Appelbaum (2004-2005); Frank Sande (2003) and Bud Kolstoe (1991). Our own Dave Postier created the beautiful event programs and menus.
January 14, 2013 - The Greatest Generation Tribute
Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club members who served our country in WW II were honored for their service. The Color Guard from the Laguna Woods American Legion supported the ceremony with a flag salute and bugle calls. Those honored included: Capt. Marion Short, U.S. Army; Machinist Mate 2nd Class Ben Stables, U.S. Navy; Petty Officer Bud Trebing, U.S. Navy; Cpl. Nathan Sheinbaum, U.S. Army; Sgt. Ed Sherwood, U.S. Air Force; PFC Ted Wheelock; Seaman Don Goldberg, U.S. Navy; PFC David Hartman, U.S. Army – Bronze Star; Sgt. Frank Sande, U.S. Army – Bronze Star and Purple Heart; 1st Lt. George Ries, U.S. Air Force – DFC, Air Medal with 2 Clusters & 30 Missions; Seaman 1st Class Hank Fordham, U.S. Navy and S Sgt. Harold King, U.S. Army.
Unable to attend were Cpl. Dale Woepse, U.S. Air Force and 1st Lt. Bud Kolstoe, U.S. Air Force – DFC, Air Medal with 3 Clusters, 33 Missions and the French Medal Du pal ine.
January 14, 2013 - Passing The Torch
Bill Blaine accepts the Club Presidency from Marc Bayer. Marc also received a commemorative plaque from the Club for his two successful years as President.
January 14, 2013 – Annual Club Awards
The following awards were presented by Marc Bayer: Club Champion – Jon Buchman (Unable to attend); Putting Champion – Bob Burns; President’s Cup Champion – Warren Han; Special President’s Award Winner – Dave Postier; Service Appreciation Awards – Rich Gash and David Talcott (Unable to attend).
Bob Mattis Scores His 5th and 6th "ACES" !!
Bob Mattis scored two "ACES" less than five months apart. Way to go Bob !!
December 12, 2012 – Annual Member-Member Tournament is A Big Success !!
Due to inclement weather conditions on the previous Wednesday, the LWMGC held an abbreviated one day version of the planned two day annual Member – Member Tournament on 12/12/12. Playing conditions were tough right from the 8:30 AM shotgun start and didn’t improve much as the day progressed. At the end of the tournament the following two-man teams were victorious. A Flight – Rod Harrison & Jerry Ryman; B Flight – Dave Postier & Howard Collins; C Flight – Murray Schenker & Ed Young. After the tournament all the participants shared in some socializing accompanied by pizza, chicken wings and a few adult beverages.
Photos CW from upper left: 1) Tournament players enjoying pizza & wings; 2) Standing Room Only at the line for eats; 3) Tournament Chairman Bill Blaine makes sure everyone gets a slice; 4) Mobtown Pizza catered the food.
November 10, 2012 - Team USA Wins "Village Cup" 20 1/2 to 19 1/2
On Saturday 11/10/12 The Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club played the latest installment in their recent series of internationally flavored competitions based on the Ryder Cup and President’s Cup matches. The match play event … recently re-christened as “The Village Cup” … pits two teams made up of 20 high caliber Club members who were born in the USA (Team USA) against an equally stacked roster of 20 Club members who were born outside of the US (Team International). This year’s competition was a closely fought contest and the winner was not determined until the final group turned in the last score card. The final outcome: Team USA - 20 ½ and Team International - 19 ½. A tight competition to say the least!! Complete story in upcoming issue of The Globe.
November 10, 2012 - "Village Cup" Competition Goes Down To The Wire !!
Team USA prevailed over Team International by one scant point to take the 2012 Village Cup match. The competitors from both teams mingled on the patio of the Village Greens after their matches and watched as the scores of all matches were posted on the Tournament scoreboard. The players also enjoyed a BBQ luncheon prepared by the Village Greens Café.
October 31, 2012 - LWMGC Sinks Navy - S.B. in Three-Peat
A team of 40 golfers representing the Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club registered a “Three-Peat” victory from the boys defending the honor of the Navy Golf Course – Seal Beach in this year’s playing of the annual Home and Away Scotch Format match. Although the LWMGC team was nosed out at the Navy's home course by a tally of 605 to 542 ... the final total score of the Home and Away matches was LWMGC 1,231 to Navy 1,103.
October 24, 2012 - LWMGC Captures First Half of Scotch Format Match Vs. Navy - Seal Beach
The LWMGC hosted a Team Play event on 10/24/12 versus the Navy Team from Seal Beach and scored an impressive victory! However, this only represents one-half of the match because the two teams meet again on 10/31/12 at the Navy's home course in Cypress, CA.
Photos CW from upper left: 1 & 2) Team members enjoying a luncheon provided by the Club; 3) LWMGC Capt. Bill Blaine shakes hands with the Navy Capt. George Gipe; 4) Another fantastic luncheon supplied by Jolanda !!
September 25, 2012 - Terri "Sunshine" Lutey Tickles The Ivories
Sunshine provided the piano accompaniment for the LWMGC's rendition of "God Bless America" at the September General Membership Meeting. Sunshine has taken over the piano duties from Mrs. Duck Lee who has been a stalwart and has very capably provided musical accompaniment to the Club for the previous two years.
August 28, 2012 - Joe Santini Celebrates Hole-In-One
Joe Santini accepts a hefty check from Marc Bayer, President of the LWMGC at the General Club Membership Meeting held on Tuesday August 28, 2012. Joe scored his “Ace” on the 156 Yard - Par 3 - 5th Hole of Course #1 during the Team Skins Major Tournament held on Wednesday August 8, 2012. It was Joe’s second lifetime hole-in-one. Congrat’s Joe !!!
July 25, 2012 - Jon Buchman Regains Club Championship
After three hard fought rounds, Jon Buchman regained the LWMGC Club Championship title for the fifth time !!
Front Row L to R: Roger Teel - PGA, Jon Buchman - 2012 Club Champion, Dan Davis - 2nd Place
Back Row L to R: Bill Blaine - Tournament Director, Marc Bayer LWMGC President, Sam Murad - 3rd Place
July 25, 2012 - Remote Scoring Viewed on the "Big-Screen"
This great addition to the reception was made possible via a computer link directly from the scoring team of Tom Hall and Roger Landis in the Village Greens building to a laptop manned by Tournament Director Bill Blaine in the reception area in Clubhouse 2 and then the results were projected on the wall-sized screen in the room.
July 25, 2012 - Club Championship Reception
A catered reception was held in Clubhouse 2 for all Club members and tournament participants to socialize and follow the scores of the finalists on the big-screen.
July 23, 2012 - FOUR-PEAT !! LWMGC Defends Scotch Cup Versus Costa Mesa
Marc Bayer (LWMGC Team Captain) and Jim Thornton (Costa Mesa Team Captain) congratulate each other on a hard fought Scotch Cup Challenge. The Laguna Woods team retained the cup for the fourth consecutive year by the razor thin margin of 566 to 561.
July 20, 2012 - LWMGC Club Presidents and Club Champions Photos Mounted in Village Greens Building
Scott DeHoog - Professional Photo Decorator mounted the pictures of our 45 Past Presidents and 26 Past Club Champions in the main stairwell of the Village Greens Community Building.
2011 Tayani Cup Champion - Joe Choi - Birdie Flight
Marc Bayer, LWMGC President, congratulates Joe Choi, 2011 Tayani Cup Champion in the Birdie Flight. Good Job Joe !!
2011 Tayani Cup Champion - Len Auerbach - Bogey Flight
Alexandra Cortez from Tayani Eye congratulates Len Auerbach, 2011 Tayani Cup Champion in the Bogey Flight. Good Job Len!!
2011 LWMGC Club Championship D Flight Winner - Len Auerbach
Bill Blaine, LWMGC Vice President, congratulates Len Auerbach, 2011 Club Championship D Flight Winner. Good playing Len !!
2011 LWMGC President's Cup B Flight Winner - Ron Begley
Bill Blaine, LWMGC Vice President, congratulates Ron Begley, 2011 President's Cup Winner in the B Flight. Way to go Ron !!
2011 LWMGC President's Cup D Flight Winner - Larry Linker
Bill Blaine, LWMGC Vice President, congratulates Larry Linker, 2011 President's Cup Winner in the D Flight. Way to go Larry !!
2012 LWMGC SCGA Team Play
Front Row: Dean Stafford, Don Fleming, Sam Murad, Dan Davis, Ron Whitley, Rich Gash, Mo Edinger, Jim Brown
Back Row: Bill Brodt, Bill Blaine (Captain), Jeff Shetler, Bob Off, Jim Hallam, Don Durbin, Mike Walo, George De Blois
Absent From Photo: Ron Begley, Rick Eckert, Tom Hall, Albert J. Hamberg Jr., Larry Leach, Dick McGrath, Leo Pak, Fred Yune
2012 LWMGC SCGA Team Overpowers Rio Hondo
On Thursday 1/19/2012 LWMGC Took The Day in Grand Fashion Defeating Rio Hondo Golf Club From Downey By a Score of 34 to 14.
2012 LWMGC SCGA Team Wins The Day Versus Lakewood Seniors
On Thursday 1/12/2012 LWMGC Defeated a Team of Seniors From Lakewood Golf Club Long Beach By a Score of 25 to 23.
2011 Member-Member After Party
LWMGC Club Members enjoying some conversation and refreshments after the final round of the 2011 Member - Member Tournament.
LWMGC Scoring Committee
The job isn't finished until the paperwork is done !!
2011 Irvine Valley College vs. LWMGC Annual Challenge Match
Irvine Valley College Golf Team vs. LWMGC challenge match held on May 13, 2011. LVMCG won the contest 14 - 10.
2011 LWMGC Ryder Cup Challenge
Third annual LWMGC Ryder Cup Challenge Match. Competition was held on January 22, 2011 and finished in a 10 - 10 tie.
2011 LWMGC SCGA Team Play
The LWMGC entry in the 2011 Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) Team Play competition finished the season with one of their best records in recent memory.
Back Row: Bill Blaine (Team Captain), Jim Hallam, Bill Brodt, Larry Leach, George De Blois, Bob Off, Mike Walo
Center Row: Roger Teel (Head Golf Professional), Peter Oh, Warren Han, Marc Bayer, Dan Davis, Jeff Shetler, Sam Murad
Front Row: Jim Brown, Mike Jang, Fred Yune, Ron Begley, Ron Whitley, Young Fong, Dean Stafford
Absent From Photo: Bob Burns, Mo Ediger, Young Hong, John Lee, Leo Pak, Jerold Saltz, Verne Smutz