During the years from 2000 – 2012, the popularity of the Skins Game has grown.  From an average of about 20 participants in 1995, the Game grew to the point where in 2008; a maximum had to be established at 56 players.  The Game retained the basic format of a team scramble, but was divided into two flights.  The Skins Committee members who served during those years met regularly, to review rules, implement new game formats, and to be certain that the Game was run in a manner responsive to the interests of the players.  The 7-man Committee continued, with members serving two year terms, and two members being elected each year.  One individual (usually the Game Organizer) was appointed by the Committee.  In 2006, the rules were changed to allow appointment of several positions which required specialized skills.  Those positions included Treasurer, Cash Manager, Dinner Dance Chairman, and Game Organizer.


Annual Game and Dinner Dance

The Annual Game and Dinner Dance grew in popularity and has become one of the premier golf activities of each year!  In the 1990’s, the Annual Game consisted of 40 players, but to get to that number, players who did not participate in the weekly games were allowed to sign up at a cost of $125.  By 2000, that practice was eliminated, and the Annual Event was limited to players who had participated in at least 10 weekly games during the year.  Each player who played in a weekly game contributed $2.50 toward support of the Annual Event.  That contribution plus a very successful raffle at the Annual Dinner allowed the Committees to keep the cost of the Annual Event at $100 for all of the years from 2000 – 2012.


The Annual Game grew from 40 players to an average of 72 players.  The Dinner Dance grew from 60 participants to 150, and the event moved from Clubhouse Six to Clubhouse Two. 


Man of the Year Award

In 2001, the Committee approved a suggestion by Jerry Ryman that an annual award be presented to the Skins Group “Man of the Year”.  That individual was selected by the elected Skins Committee.  The purpose of this award is to honor an individual each year who has made an outstanding contribution to the Skins Group. The first Man of the Year was Verne Smutz, who had served for several years as the Game Organizer and Committee Chairman.  A list of “Men of the Year” is shown below:



2001                      Verne Smutz
2002                      Carl McCrory
2003                       Bud Kolstoe
2004                         Jerry Kobin
2005                          Bob Burns
2006                          Curtis Teal
2007                    Howard Smith
2008                   Hashim Khidir
2009                          Paul Burry
2010                                Al Tirre
2011                    Marv Lemmon
2012                     Dick McGrath
2013                           Dan Davis
2014                           Tom Imler