1964 - 2000   by                                                                             2000 - 2013  by
Oliver P. (Bud) Kolstoe with contributions by                                  Verne Smutz with contributions by
           Martha Hellman and Donn Fridlund                                   
Bud Kolstoe Mike Walo and Don Fleming

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It has been said that history does not unfold, it piles up … and if it were not for the Herculean efforts of the individuals noted above the history of golf at Laguna Woods Village would still be just that … a big unsorted pile of pictures, papers, newspaper articles and anecdotes with no place to call home.

The work done over many years to compile and document the significant events and stories of the people who contributed to our almost 50 year history has been captured in two electronic documents called “A History of Golf in Leisure World” and “A History of Golf in Laguna Woods.”

The history is divided-up into two separate time periods:  1964 – 2000 and 2000 – 2013.  It is a combination of prose, photographs and records of significant events during those years.  There are also individual biographies of numerous past and current Club Presidents as well as similar write-ups of past and current Club Champions.  This history is a living document and will be continuously updated to assure that the accomplishments of the Club and the individuals that comprise it are properly recognized.

Although some of the material included is taken from the 1991 History of Golf in Leisure World, most of this effort is devoted to updating golf in the 1990s. In this regard, the writers acknowledge the invaluable assistance of Mary Jan Vested, Virginia McGill, Mac Rosen, A.J. Bernhardt, Charles Hellmann and Russ Chase, the loan of pictures and access to records of the Historical Society Archivists, especially Fran Lindberg, Myra Nebens of the Leisure World News, Debbie Lamb and her staff of the Leisure World Recreation Department.
Thanks to Jerry Gluck, Vie Harris and Kal Tobe for their creation of the Hole-In-One and Shoot-Your-Age charts, along with Glenn Siler and Dick Blum for their records of people and events through pictures.
Gratitude is due all the writers of Putter Patter, Hooks and Slices and other scribes who have identified incidents and people involved in golf down through the years, as well as the countless women and men golfers who have been so willing to share their recollections and experiences.
The LWMGC Board of Directors would like to extend their deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to this effort.

Marc Bayer
President - 2011   
Laguna Woods Men’s Golf Club